1. How long do deliveries commonly take?

With our current delivery management system a delivery can take anywhere between 5 to 20 days. This can depend on location, availability and the time of year the order is made. 

2. What is your return policy?

We accept returns within a 30 day limit, unless stated otherwise. We want to make sure our service is of top quality.

3. How can i track my order?

We have a very simple and easy process to track an order, once an order is made and processed (can take between 1 and 5 days) we will send a confirmation email with a tracking number which you can then use in our 'Track your product' part of the store. This will then keep you up to date with your items journey.

4. Where can i use my voucher and discount codes?

Whenever you receive a discount code or voucher you must simply add your product to your basket, go to checkout and there will be an option to add your code on the right side of the page. Any issues and you can send us a message in the contact us section.

5.  Can i cancel an order before paying?

An order is normally only accepted once payment has been received, however in some circumstance if the order has been processed before payment has gone through and you wish to cancel there may be a small charge if the item is already on its way (the charge will apply to sending it back). So please make sure you order correctly, we will help where we can.

6. What payment methods do you accept?

As of this moment we accept Paypal, debit cards and credit cards for transactions. We do not yet offer alternate means of payment.

7. What happens if the products are in bad or damaged state on arrival?

If this is the case we will be happy to accept returns and offer money back or a new order in exchange.